Coming Soon!

By Night Studios
* Mind’s Eye Theatre: Werewolf The Apocalypse
* Mind’s Eye Theatre: Changeling The Dreaming Alpha Slice Playtest
* Mind’s Eye Theatre: Immersion Secrets

The Storyteller Vault
* Missoula By Night
* Clanbook: Lungo Drom

* “Postcards from the Last Girl on Earth” – Zombiefied III Hazardous Material (Skywarrior Book Publishing, LLC, June 2015)
* “Turning Left” – The Bloody Key Society Periodical, Inaugural Edition (Bloody Key Society Periodical, May 2016)
* “When the Wild Hunt Rides” – Hoofbeats: Flying with Magical Horses (Skywarrior Book Publishing, LLC, August 2016)
* Baking – The Oval (The Oval: Vol. 7 2014)

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